Social Media, Marketing, Consultant, Facebook, Twitter, Help, Community, New OrleansPeople used to call me random, they were convinced the words from my mouth never followed a clear path or seemed to have a clear source of inspiration. At that point I couldn’t really disagree with them, in fact, I chose to embrace my inner random and create a personal brand out of it, Bundleofrandmns [pronounced buhn-dl-uhv ran-duh m nes]. The name fit not only my personality but the vast array of skill sets I had. Did you need a flyer designed? I could do it. Were you interested in hiring a freelance writer? I was one. Having trouble thinking through what your website should look like? No problem.

I was literally all over the place and though I loved everything I was doing, some parts became a little overwhelming. One day, I talked to my business coach and decided that I was going to focus on two things, social media management and email marketing and I would do it through a firm I would call Brands by Brie. From a business standpoint telling people about one or two services you offer is a lot easier than naming six to eight. I wanted people to work with me and feel like they had a specialist devoted to a specific thing.

While a piece of me will always be random, I have found that the clear focus has really allowed me to use my time more effectively. I’ve learned being better at a few things is so much more beneficial than being mediocre at many. I’m also still able to stay true to myself because I’m still the common thread between Bundleofrandmns and Brands by Brie. Both my brand and my business are true to me and allow me to see the full spectrum of developing a brand personality. And the exciting part is now, through social media and email marketing, I get to help others who may be on that same journey.