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You’ve got an amazing idea but nobody actually tells you how to transform that into a brand or business. Plus you’ve got mouths to feed. Who in the world wants to stay up until 2 in the morning Google searching business strategies? That’s why Brands by Brie is here to be a one stop stop for your needs.

Want to help map out a plan for your product launch? We’ve got you sis. Need a creative director to help with the photoshoot idea you’ve been mulling over for the past three months? Look no further we’ll handle it!

Even if you’ve got the business side figured out but need someone to help you with messaging and creativity, Brands by Brie is here to help you move from idea to action relatively quickly.

Whether you prefer to DIY, have someone do it with you or need someone to do it for you, I’ve got you friend! Fill out the form below to find out how we can best be of assistance.


From Our Clients
Here’s what our clients are saying.
“Brie was able to be my strength where I was weak. Providing me the technique, the coding and the layout for my website. She was able to be my balance for everything. Our new website is superb. It’s exactly what I envisioned. It’s exactly what I’m going for. It’s hot. It’s innovative. It’s B Sherrie.”
Brittney Frye

Founder and Owner, B Sherrie

“Brands by Brie’s design services were excellent. [Brie] was patient, professional and answered my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend [Brands by Brie] to family and friends.”
Arion Broussard

Executive Director , Beautifully Restored

“I was utterly blown away and extremely satisfied with my final product. The Brands by Brie team has completely outdone themselves and I am immensely grateful.”
Makida Seward

Founder, Lead Artist, KeeedsArt

“Many times people want to present themselves and/or their business to their family, friends, community, but they lack the wherewithal to begin or know where to begin. It’s during times like this that you need a Brie. Having someone who can translate the essence of my company and create my ideal representation in the world has been a wonderful experience.  She has the ability to help you actualize your mission and capitalize on the true purpose of your company
Sandra Umoru

Executive Director , Youth in View

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