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The B. Light Podcast is the go to destination for millennial and Gen Z professionals looking for encouragement, inspiration and empowerment in life and business. I’m your host Brieanna Lightfoot Smith and together we’ll explore the topics of delegation, organization, community building and how to establish unshakeable confidence. If you’re ready to lighten your day to day load, illuminate your path so you can be clear on what’s ahead and make a lasting impact in life then settle in. The world needs your light. It’s time to shine, my friend.

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brieanna lightoot smith

Business and Productivity Coach + Podcaster

Brieanna Lightfoot Smith believes a peaceful home and a profitable brand can coexist. After leaving the workforce in 2018 to become a stay at home mom, Brie now helps other moms build their businesses with clarity and confidence. Follow her on Instagram @blightfootsmith for funny reels, behind the scenes, productivity tips, reflections about marriage and of course cute baby pics. 


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