Overwhelmed to Organized

A time management system for mamas who need more margin in their lives.

Feeling too overwhelmed to take a leap and finally launch your biz? No judgement here. I’ve been where you are friend.  

After giving birth to my first son, I was afraid the title motherhood would eclipse other parts of my identity. So in an effort to avoid this, I spent a lot of time outside my home, volunteering, working and planning events. 

Eventually, however, it caught up with me, and I found myself in the corner of our church service having a breakdown with all my friends consoling me. Everyone was shocked to find out how overwhelmed i”d been feeling because from the outside looking in, I was doing such a wonderful job keeping all the balls in the air and as far as they could see I looked good doing it! 

I went from having my hands in all the things, to closing down my business and becoming a full-time stay at home mom because I’d gotten so burned out. I remember never wanting to feel that again.

Three years passed and as I started piling more on my plate I realized I needed a system to keep everything in its proper place so I could focus! This course gives a peak behind the curtain into the exact system that has helped me to stay on top of things in my household, continue to grow my business and still be there for my family.

In this course we dive deep into:

  • Time Blocking

  • The project management tool I use to manage everything from client work to dental appointments for my babies

  • Auditing your energy to assess if there’s something on your plate you could be delegating so you have more time free

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the class?

This 3 part course is less than an hour.

Is there a fee?

Yes. This course is less than $100.

How long will I have access?

We know life happens so you get accss to the program for up to 90 days after enrollment.

What is the method of delivery?

This is a video course you will get access to all at once after paying your registration fee. 

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