Community for Women Who Are Created for More

It’s time to stop playing small friend.

You were created for more and you know it. 

The problem is you have these big aspirations, big goals, big dreams and the fact that they are so big actually makes them intimidating. You’ve convinced yourself there’s no way you can do it. But what if you start to bloom where you’re planted.

Think Differently

You write out the vision. You may even break down your next steps but you freeze whenever it’s time to take action. But what if instead of freezing up you did the “big, scary thing”? What if instead of convincing yourself that you can’t handle the pressure of your assignment, you learned to handle this next level of elevation with grace and ease? What if instead of building alone you built alongside a supportive community.



Meet The Legacy Builders

Lifting as we build.

The legacy builders is full of other phenomenal mothers and moms to be who want to see you win because they know a win for you is a win for the community.

Become a Legacy Builder

No one said building a legacy would be easy but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone my friend. Come build alongside other women who know they were created for more and who are committed to walking out their purpose.

Why Get a Membership?

Members get access to a host of benefits that include monthly meetups, premier access to Brands by Brie trainings and challenges to help ensure you’re making progress on your goals consistently.

Cancel at Any Time

Membership is month to month and you can cancel at any time.

Monthly Meetups

Each month our members get together to connect and encourage each other in their monthly progress.

Member Challenges

Our member challenges are designed to help you take quick sprints towards specific objectives.

Premiere Access

Legacy Builders get premiere access to  trainings from the Brands by Brie library.

Community Conversations

Our community platform gives you a space to share your goals and gain accountability.

Legacy Builders Membership

Join a community created to support you as you build your legacy.

Meet the Founder

Brieanna Lightoot Smith is a business owner, wife, mom of 3 who is passionate about helping moms build businesses while raising their babies. After passing out in her car at 7 months pregnant, she began an internal journey of discovery in learning how to create a life she loves without feeling like she’s constantly chasing after money or notoriety. More than building a brand Brieanna is committed to establishing a lifelong legacy through doing the purposeful work of connecting women to Christ, calling and community. 


“I really love the opportunity to hear all the moms wins and growth throughout the meetups. I also like that they are really chill and I feel like I can be myself which is amazing!”


Other Mamas Have Said…

“I love the encouragement, the positivity and the affirmation.”

“I love how the meetups aren’t just talking.  Brie truly interacts and provides real encouragement and advice.


Regularly monthly members pay $45/month and receive the same benefits.

Monthly Membership

Our regularly priced membership receives all of the monthly perks of  founding member including monthly member meetups, premiere access to Brands by Brie trainings and challenges to help with your accountability.

What is a Legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you may never get to see.

Get Plugged In.


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