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Not too shabby, right?

I love my job and the fact that I can say those four words and mean them isn’t one I take for granted. I love seeing the way people interact with social media content I post for myself or clients. I love monitoring the feedback businesses get after having a more inviting online presence and on a personal not I love being able to do my work from wherever I’m at as long as I’ve got a strong internet connection. Last weeks’ office space is pictured to the left.

BUT I have to say a challenge that comes along with this industry is the need to always be “on,” to always be on top of the latest trend, to always be reading up on the new thing that’s been shown to increase people’s engagement with your brand.


There’s no one to close down the building and turn out the lights at 5 on the dot. I could literally work around the clock if I decided that’s what I wanted and sadly, that would be perfectly acceptable in our society. It’s the norm to have your phone surgically attached to your hand but I’ve found giving myself at least 30 minutes of nothingness makes my “on” time that much more effective. I’ve dubbed it my “Free 30.” And it’s not a novice idea there have been articles from the Scientific American and 99u.com that talk about the importance of free time.


At this point, you may be looking at the screen thinking that sounds nice Brie but I don’t think it’s doable for me. I thought you might feel that way so I’ve got three easy methods to help you implement this practice into your life as quickly as this afternoon.


  • Set a timer on your phone and give yourself 30 minutes to read, 30 minutes to eat without checking email, 30 minutes to allow your mind to just take in your surroundings, 30 minutes to step outside and enjoy the cool fall breeze
  • Physically walk away from your devices and if you find yourself using them before your 30 minutes is up, restart your timer
  • Schedule items around your Free 30 so your time can be as uninterrupted as possible


If you give yourself this time, both your mind and your body will thank you. You’ll find yourself more actively engaged in what you’re doing and your off time will give you more energy. It may seem hard at first but as it becomes a more inherent part of your routine, you may even find yourself eagerly anticipating your Free 30 or at least a Free 15.


Comment below with the ways you relax after a long day/night of working.