kick burnout to the curb.

Tired of doing all the things? I’ve been there sis. That’s why I’ve created this Burnout Buster to help you feel more balanced!

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About The Burnout buster

The burnout buster is a combination of tools that have helped me avoid burnout by getting more organized and learning the art of delegating. If you’re someone that constantly feels fatigued and overwhelmed by all the tasks on your plate the burnout buster is here to save the day!

What’s inside


Energy Audit

This 5-day email challenge is designed to help you get clarity on the tasks that are draining your energy.


Delegation Toolkit

Get a list of the exact tools I use to help me manage my life and business.


Daily Dashboard Template

This is the exact system I use to look at all my tasks with a bird’s eye view.

Instead of being overwhelmed by long to-lists, Brie helped me see the big picture with my time in focused blocks/categories almost like budgeting but with time instead of money.


Brie helped me spend less time on social media and on my phone and instead use that time to set goals and accomplish them.

Jasmine B.

About me


I’m Brieanna Lightfoot Smith and I believe a peaceful home and a profitable brand can coexist. After passing out in my car at 7 months pregnant, I began embracing wellness and rest. I now help women build businesses while raising their children without burning out in the process. Follow me on Instagram @blightfootsmith for business and productivity tips, reflections about being a mompreneur, and cute family moments.



SAY Goodbye to burnout friend.