So you want to build a brand?

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During this 3-part training you’ll dive into:

  • How to Build a Business on a Budget
  • Choosing the Right Business Model
  • The Power of Bartering and more!

Materials & Tools Provided

You’ll receive the video training and a workbook to make sure you are applying everything you’re learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the Blueprint be held?

The Bootcamp is available to watch on the Teachable platform. The platform allows you to keep track of your progress, download worksheets and take quizzes all from the comfort of wherever you’re watching!

Is there a fee?

Yes! But you’re getting it at a special price since we connected in person!

How long will I have access to the Blueprint?

You’ll be able to watch the bootcamp as often as you like over a 6 month timespan!

Meet Your Teacher

Hi! I’m Brieanna Lightfoot Smith (pictured left) and I’m so excited to help guide you through this branding journey. I initially started my company after realizing there were so many women in business who were used to doing everything – they were the sales person, the administrative assistant and on top of all that had to manage how their business was presented visually.

After becoming a mother, I realized how similar building a business is to raising a baby and since then, I’ve dedicated myself to helping women as a whole but especially mamas feel loved, empowered and supported.

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to build a brand so if you’re looking for help crafting your message, creating visuals or establishing a work routine, I’m here to help you build a life you love with confidence and clarity.