social media, branding, announcements, eventsSocial media has blossomed into a real power house in the realm of business tools. It gives businesses a way to interact with customers in real time and allows customers to get the full picture of the business they frequent.

BUT, in an effort to keep content regular, some companies saturate their social media pages with unnecessary or unappealing updates. These often increase the likelihood that a customer may unfollow or unsubscribe from any given page.

When you’re on social media, the quality of content you’re posting far outweighs the quantity. It’s with this in mind that we’ve come up with five items your business can post regularly to actually add value to your customers’ news feeds.

1. Events 

This is especially relevant when using Facebook because you can allow your customer base to R.S.V.P or buy tickets when you put the appropriate links in.

2. New Products 

Now this may seem like a no-brainer but I’ve witnessed many a business who felt they didn’t need to announce on social media because they didn’t think anyone would notice. Social media posts are equipped to drive traffic right back to your site and last year Twitter developed a “Buy” button that allows people to purchase your product in just three clicks.

3. Announcements 

Are you going to be closed for the holidays? Did you recently hire a new team member? Tell people about it! Letting people know when you’ll be closed is good customer service and letting them know you hired a new team member keeps them informed on the exciting growth of your business. It makes them feel like they are a part of the process and they are! So share it.

4. Employee Highlights

At its core, every society under the sun revolves around relationships. Relationships with hair stylists, relationships with nail technicians, relationships with the guys who regularly do our oil change, relationships with the guys who cut your lawn.

Posting about members of your team allows current and potential customers to feel they are building relationships with you and your staff. It also creates a space for them that feels familiar and will likely increase the likelihood that they come back.

Jamba Juice in New Orleans does a great job with this. Each week they have a Team Member Tuesday, where they highlight a member of their staff as well as their favorite smoothie on their Instagram page. This provides a two-fold package of advertising products and highlighting an employee.

5. Great Pictures

Because we all love visuals. Maybe it’s a nice photo from your office window or a picture of an updated display in your store. Pretty pictures always leave pictures wanting more and they make your page look fantastic when new customers/community members look through your back logs.

*The five items in this blog post are by no means an extensive list on every social media update you should make, but they are definitely a great place to start. It should also be noted that each update may look different from business to business. You’ve got to find what works for your brand and do it.