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On who you want to serve and what exactly it is that you’re offering.


So you know what to focus on first and what to do next.


By creating clear messaging your ideal audience connects with in addition to a smooth client experience. 

i may not be able to help you With your laundry…but If it’s business or brand related, i’ve got you FRIEND!



“brie was

the coach I needed to launch my brand!”

From day one, I knew Brie was the coach I needed to launch my brand! She’s clear, precise, and resourceful. She brought so much out of me in our first session by asking the right questions. I’ve been able to dive deep and not just see things on the surface. It’s like therapy but for my brand.

Krystal Clayton

Her First Gloss

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3. Together We'll Create a Plan for Your Brand That Won't Require You To Neglect Your Family!

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in business 1-3 years


working full-time while they build their personal brand.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I’m Brieanna Lightfoot Smith and I’m so excited to help guide you through this branding journey. I initially started my company after realizing there were so many women in business who were used to doing everything – they were the sales person, the administrative assistant and on top of all that had to manage how their business was presented visually.

After becoming a mother, I realized how similar building a business is to raising a baby and since then, I’ve dedicated myself to helping women as a whole but especially mamas feel loved, empowered and supported.

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a team to build a brand so if you’re looking for help crafting your message, creating visuals or establishing a work routine, I’m here to help you build a life you love with confidence and clarity.


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