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On who you want to serve and what exactly it is that you’re offering.


So you know what to focus on first and what to do next.


By working with me through a group coaching program.

I want to help make life easier for you friend.

Ready to stop doing ALL the things? I feel you my friend. That’s why I’ve got this FREE delegation toolkit to help get you started. Inside you’ll find my top 10 resources when it comes to delegating things for my life and business. Click the button below to get it!

“working with brie was a game changer for me.”

“I would always write my goals down, but never follow through on how I would accomplish the goal. Brie helped me to break my goals down in smaller steps, provided a strategy on how to reach my goals, and also prayed with me when I felt stuck. Knowing I had someone in my cornerrooting for me, and holding me accountable helped me to stay on top of my goals. After working with Brie, I am now a starter and a finisher!”

Arion Broussard

Teen Life Coach, Arion Broussard LLC

here’s Our process!

2. We'll Identify Your Needs

3. Together We'll Create a Plan for you to Launch Your Brand While You Raise Your Babies

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